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Pictures of Schools in Hardeman County

Welcome to Hardeman County Schools!

The summer of 2019 brought many changes, including this brand new website showcasing the schools in Hardeman County.  A photographer used a drone to take pictures at each school.  Following is an overview of some of those pictures.  We hope you enjoy your visit. 

  • View of the circle drive at Bolivar Central High School.
  • Overhead picture of Bolivar Central High School's football field.  Can see the new stadium to the left, and the new field house at the top of the picture.
  • Picture of Bolivar Elementary from beginning of driveway.
  • Picture of School Health Clinic located at Bolivar Elemetnary.
  • Overhead picture of Bolivar Middle School captured by a drone.
  • Picture of Grand Junction Elementary.
  • Overhead picture of the Hardeman County School's Learning Center.
  • Overhead picture of Hornsby Elementary School and the parking lot.
  • Overhead picture of Middleton Elementary School.
  • Overhead picture of Middleton High School bus parking lot.  Can see the new gym at the top of the picture.
  • Overhead picture of Toone Elementary and the playground.
  • Overhead picture of Whiteville Elementary School.