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COVID-19 Information

Hardeman County Schools will use this space for COVID-19 updates and alternate academic resources that may be used while schools are closed.

Hardeman County Schools has released Health and Safety Protocols which will provide information and student expectations regarding the reopening of schools.  This plan was developed with guidance Hardeman County Schools has received thus far from the CDC, the Tennessee Department of Health, and other health authorities.  For details on the protocols and procedures, please see Hardeman County Schools 2021-2022 Health and Safety Protocols (updated 6/10/2021).

West TN PBS and WKNO, in partnership with the State Department of Education, will begin on June 1, offering high quality educational programming for grades K-3, weekdays from 10 a.m. –12 p.m. CT, through June and July.  The Summer Learning Series will feature PBS Learning Media programming that has been specifically chosen for a continued focus on early literacy and math, aligned to Tennessee standards  West TN PBS can be found on channel 11.  WKNO can be found on channel 10, or 810 on Comcast HD Cable service.  For further details and a schedule, check: PBS Class Schedule.

To see updates from the Tennessee Department of Education on Coronavirus (COVID-19) :