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Our Schools

Hardeman County Schools consists of nine schools, a learning center, and one Board of Education, located in southwestern corner of Tennessee, servicing Bolivar, Grand Junction, Hickory Valley, Hornsby, Middleton, Pocahontas, Saulsbury, Silerton, Toone, and Whiteville.

The Hardeman County Schools goals are:

  • To provide High Quality Educators
  • To provide an excellent academic program
  • To maintain fiscal stability, responsibility, and accountability
  • To provide a State-of-the-Art Learning Environment
  • To promote good communication among all stakeholders
Elementary School
Landscape View facing Bolivar Elementary School

PreK - 5th

Bolivar Elementary School

445 Nuckolls Rd
Bolivar, Tennessee 38008
Phone: 731-658-3981
Fax: 731-658-2641

Landscape View facing Grand Junction Elementary

PreK - 6th

Grand Junction Elementary

750 Pledge St
Grand Junction, Tennessee 38039
Phone: 731-764-2841
Fax: 731-764-6913

Landscape View facing Hornsby Elementary School

PreK - 8th

Hornsby Elementary School

105 Church Street
Hornsby, Tennessee 38044
Phone: 731-658-5707
Fax: 731-658-9999

Landscape View facing Middleton Elementary School

PreK - 6th

Middleton Elementary School

180 Robin Circle
PO Box 537
Middleton, Tennessee 38052
Phone: 731-376-0160
Fax: 731-376-9111

Landscape View facing Toone Elementary School

PreK - 8th

Toone Elementary School

160 Neely St
Toone, Tennessee 38381
Phone: 731-658-5606
Fax: 731-658-9880

Landscape View facing Whiteville Elementary School

PreK - 8th

Whiteville Elementary School

2510 Highway 64
Whiteville, Tennessee 383075
Phone: 731-254-8013
Fax: 731-254-9529

Middle School
Landscape View facing Bolivar Middle School

6th - 8th

Bolivar Middle School

915 Pruitt St
Bolivar, Tennessee 38008
Phone: 731-658-3656
Fax: 731-658-6625

High School
Landscape View facing Bolivar Central High School

9th - 12th

Bolivar Central High School

313 Harris Street
Bolivar, Tennessee 38008
Phone: 731-658-3151
Fax: 731-658-6697

Landscape View facing Middleton High School

7th - 12th

Middleton High School

138 Florida St
Middleton, Tennessee 38052
Phone: 731-376-8391
Fax: 731-376-8157

Alternative Education
Landscape View facing Hardeman County Learning Center

7th - 12th

Hardeman County Learning Center

909 Pruitt St
Bolivar, Tennessee 38008
Phone: 731-658-3989
Fax: 731-658-2852