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Nutrition and Promotion Goals


  1. Foods sold during the school day before breakfast (45 minutes) and the end of the school day (30 minutes) must meet the minimal nutritional requirement.
  2. Lunch bags for field trips with nutrition facts.
  3. TNCEP and other Non-Profit Organization may provide materials for classroom use.
  4. Offer cultural foods occasionally.
  5. Use nutritional labels in the classroom as a teaching tool.
  6. Use stands/props on the serving line to show choice selection.
  7. Nonfood rewards and incentives should be used to encourage student achievement.
  8. Teachers and staff should be encouraged to model healthy eating and behaviors.
  9. Ensure that drinking fountains are operable, clean, and convenient for students to access throughout the school day.
  10. Allow students to purchase at a la carte prices additional servings of any food item that is a part of a reimbursable school meal.
  11. Provide low-fat and non-fat salad dressings.
  12. Offer a minimum of three choices of fruit and vegetables daily.
  13. Offer whole-grain foods in all programs at all grade levels whenever possible to meet bread and cereal requirements.
  14. Encourage preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students to try a variety of foods by serving the full reimbursable meal.