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Food Services FAQ

General Information

The CEP program allows all students to eat one breakfast and one lunch at NO COST.

Yes, students are allowed to purchase extra meal items that are being served.

Each school in Hardeman County can offer healthy snacks to be sold to students that meet the federal guidelines.

You should notify the school nurse with a doctor’s statement that will describe the allergy and food recommendations that the child can have and what to avoid from the doctor.

Each school has a website.  You will find the menu under their cafeteria’s page.

Yes, parents can come and eat breakfast or lunch with their child.  The cost of a visitor meal for breakfast is $2.25 and lunch is $4.00.  Special occasion lunch meals are $5.00.

In order to learn more about the food service program, you can visit

Members of the public are welcome to participate in the assessment, implementation, and update of our local wellness policy.  Persons interested in participating may contact the School Nutrition Supervisor, Hardeman County Schools at 731-658-2510.