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Welcome to the Hardeman County Schools’ website! 

We hope you find everything you need to know about Hardeman County schools, its employees and our most important product, our children.  We strive to be the best we can when it comes to educating your children.  Our website is designed to help you find out what is going on in school district as well as each one of our schools.

Our motto, “Preparing for the Future, One Child at a Time,” is the backbone for the mission of the Hardeman County Schools.  We do everything we can to keep up with today’s technology so our children well be prepared for the future when they graduate from high school.  We are proud of the students who graduate from our high schools and go on to achieve and contribute something to society.  We strive to keep up with the latest educational tools so our children have what they need to prepare them for the future.

We appreciate your visit to our website, and we hope that you will take advantage of the many services our site has to offer.

2021 Annual Health Benefits Enrollment

Local education and all retirees: October 1 through October 30, ending at 4:30 p.m. Central.

Hardeman County Schools Hybrid Schedule Extended

The A/B hybrid schedule for students has been extended until further notice. For additional information, please click the link below.

2020-2021 Voluntary Pre-K Registration is Ongoing

Hardeman County Schools Pre-K registration enrollment application continues to be available online. Appointments may also be scheduled with Dr. Monica Shaw by calling 731-658-2510.

Partners For Health Information for Employees

Partners For Health has issued information on health access for all employees about the Coronavirus, COVID-19.

School Health Advisory Council

Members of the public are invited to review the current Hardeman County Wellness Policy and participate in the assessment, implementation and update of our local wellness policy. Persons interested in participating may contact the School Nutrition Supervisor, Hardeman County Schools at 731-658-2510 ext. 125.

Virtual Education Opt-In/Out

Due to several factors regarding COVID and the hybrid schedule, Hardeman County Schools will be offering an earlier opportunity to families that may wish to opt-in or out of virtual learning. This change will take place on October 19th which is the Monday after Fall Break.

Safe, Nutritious School Meals

Safe, Nutritious School Meals

Posted Date: 08/28/2020

In this time of great uncertainty, one thing children and their families can count on is the availability of healthy school meals that ensure students are nourished and ready to learn.   . . .

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Hardeman County Schools Updates 2020-2021 Health and Safety Protocols

Hardeman County Schools Updates 2020-2021 Health and Safety Protocols

Posted Date: 07/21/2020

Updated Health and Safety Protocols as of 08/14/20 . . .

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